Star Trek is upon us!

Seven years ago, just as the iPhone was being invented, a young but seasoned entrepreneur was hatching a new plan to re-invent the rocket industry and colonize space.  We were fortunate to have him as our 2008 Holiday Party speaker at the home of Victoria & Dennis Hopper. For about 300 lucky guests, Elon Musk presented his plans for SpaceX, followed by another speaker we invited, Steve Squyres, who had been the Principal Investigator on the Mars Rover Exploration Mission and was based at JPL/Caltech.

In the weeks ahead, it seems clear his vision will have "landed".  We are overwhelmed with emotion at Elon's success so far and the imminent guided vertical-landing of his rockets on his drone landing ship.  The future of the human race seems bright.  And we are all about to live through the first age of human's multi-planetary space colonization truly a moment for the history books.

With great excitement, we also have a treat to share.  We've dug up an informal video (never published) of Elon's presentation at the event.

For those of you who were there that day, I'm sure you'll have some fond memories...

The Hollywood Hill’s Executive Director Ariel Hauter kicks off the video with some updates on The Hollywood Hill’s new permanent event building and a mention of Armchair Revolutionary, the new social innovation crowdfunding platform we were developing.  That’s followed by a quick photo shoot with Ariel, Hollywood Hill Co-Founder Ori Neidich and venue host Victoria Hopper.  Elon starts his talk at the 7:30 mark, first with an update on Tesla, and then into SpaceX.  We had some fun with the event title (How To Shoot Your Next Film In Space) since he obviously began early on by attaching cameras to his rockets.  Special thanks to our long-time volunteers for the day, Norman Gilmore, Berly Ellis, and Ina Burke, and Advisor/Donor Paris Hauter.  And a fun shout out to Tosca Musk, Elon’s sister, who herself was probably in the audience as a Hollywood Hill member.

Photos of the event can be found here:

The videos are now @YouTube:

Part 1 (Elon Musk):

Part 2 (Elon Musk):

Part 3 (Steve Squyres):

Part 4 (Steve Squyres):