Simple Grilled Salmon is a summertime favorite! It’s easy to make on the grill, and is light and healthy for a quick dinner that’s good for you too. 

Grilled Salmon on a white plate with asparagus and a lemon wedge.

How long does it take salmon to cook on the grill?

Cooking time for salmon on a grill will vary depend on the thickness of your salmon filet or salmon portion. A 1-inch thick salmon portion will take approximately 8 minutes to cook.

What temperature for grilled salmon?

The USDA recommends that fish needs to be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. However, some say that salmon is overdone at this point. For a medium to medium well cook on your salmon, remove the salmon from the grill when it reaches 125-130 degrees F and let it rest for 5 minutes.

Close up of Grilled Salmon on a white plate with asparagus and a lemon wedge.

Do you have to flip salmon on the grill?

No, you don’t have to flip the salmon if you are concerned about it sticking. Well seasoned grates cook fish really well without sticking, but if you have unseasoned grates or are concerned, simply cook the salmon skin side down without flipping. You won’t get those beautiful grill marks, but the salmon will be able to cook through all the way with the lid of the grill closed.

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