Learn how to cook the most prized cut of beef: hanger steak. You’ll learn how to cook hanger steak perfectly every single time so that not an ounce will ever go to waste. 

A sliced up hanger steak on a cutting board.
  • What cut of meat is a hanger steak?

    Hanger steak is from the plate section of the cow, which is the lower belly and hangs from the diaphragm. It is also known as “butcher’s steak” because it was so popular with butchers they would keep it for themselves.

  • Is flank steak the same as hanger steak?

    Flank steak and hanger steak are two different cuts of meat, both having their own unique essence. Flank steak is known as being a lean and flavorful cut, but that is not tender. Hanger steak is a more premium cut and can sometimes be hard to find anywhere besides a nice steakhouse. The steak itself has amazing flavor and usually is the most tender cut.

  • Why do they call it a hanger steak?

    The hanger steak hangs from the diaphragm, which is in between the cow’s loin and rib and helps support it. It literally just hangs in that section. In other words, this means hanger steaks does no work, which causes it to be the most tender cut.

  • Where can I buy hanger steak?

    Hanger steak can be difficult to find in regular grocery stores. Try a high end butcher or grocery store, or you can just order them online from meat companies or even Amazon!

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