Events We’ve Produced

The Hollywood Hill has hosted over 50 events, two conferences, and has sponsored several outside events and conferences. Many of our events and our two conferences to-date have been co-presented by Wired Magazine.

Our very first event kicked off in June 2005 and our speaker was a brand-new-on-the-scene-not-yet-elected Cory Booker (now the celebrated Mayor of Newark, New Jersey and potential future President of the United States) on his first exploratory trip to Hollywood. We've gone on to host events covering everything from Synthetic Biology with Alan Colmes who cloned Dolly The Sheep, to... Electric Cars & Space Rockets (separately) with the brilliant Iron Man-esque entrepreneur Elon Musk. We’ve produced two conferences, both sponsored by Wired Magazine – one of the first conferences dedicated to mobile social change apps, and the other being Hollywood’s first major introduction to the micro-finance pioneers Kiva, Microplace, Donors Choose, Global Giving, and Grameen Foundation. Most recently, we hosted Hollywood’s first introduction to the founders of with Perry Chen and Yancey Strickler.

Our events are hosted at the wonderful private residences of entertainment professionals around Los Angeles and New York City, as well as Screening Rooms, and during 2009 at our temporary event center in Hollywood.

We started out event series with Cory Booker when he was first running for Mayor of Newark.