We have many, many people to thank for our successful journey. Our Founding advisors for their initial belief in us and the mission of our organization. Lawrence Bender in particular for giving up his home for 10 straight events in 2010. Victoria Hopper for giving up her home for two seismic holiday parties at her home in Venice. The advice and mentorship of Lawrence, Victoria, Arianna Huffington, Mike Medavoy, Mark Canton, and Larry Winokur has and continues to be invaluable. Our other advisors have been equally instrumental, with a big thank you to Francis Arnold, Jonathan Zittrain, Ethan Zuckerman, Robin Hunicke, Susan Bonds, Doug Church, Mark Deloura, and Adam Sussman. Hundreds of our members have contributed countlessly, and among them a huge thanks goes out to Mike Werb, Keith Addis, and our hardcore event volunteers Berly Ellis, Ina Burke, and Jessica Kill. Our early Strategy Council also helped tremendously with our early stage growth - among them Jason Blum, Stokely Chaffin, Jennifer Roskind, Martha Haight, Pam Abdy, Donna Langley, Keri Selig, Sheryl Clark, Hannah Minghella, and Richard Demato. Darren Star for hosting our micro-finance conference cocktail party at his home, and Ari Arad for hosting our mobile social change app conference cocktail party at his home. Scott Z. Burns for his hosting as well. And to our major project-specific loaners and donors over time including Dan Abrams, Betty Thomas, Nicole Clemens, JC Spink, Ron Bernstein, Babak Razi and others anonymous. And Paris Hauter for her very significant financial contributions to our operations. (we're currently updating this section, so if your name is missing, don't fear, we're making our way through this very long list and we'll be adding your name if you're on it!)


Uber Volunteer Actress Berly Ellis

Resident Event Photographer Collin Stark