Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor cook looking to enhance your repertoire, or a beginner just stepping into the flavorful world of grilling and smoking, we’ve got a sizzling selection of recipes to fuel your passion. From juicy burgers, perfectly-seared steaks, and succulent ribs, to the subtle art of smoked salmon and vegetable skewers, each recipe is crafted to inspire, enthrall, and elevate your next cookout. So, fire up your grill or smoker and let’s embark on this culinary journey together!

Grilled Chicken Favorites

Perfect Grilled Ribs

3 hrs 10 mins

Grilled ribs are meaty, juicy, and oh so tender! Cooked low and slow with a caramelized exterior, they are one of the best things we have ever tasted!

Grilled Veggies

A Guide to Smokers

A smoker is a specialized cooking appliance designed to cook meats at low temperatures for extended periods while infusing them with rich, smoky flavors. The slow-cooking process breaks down the connective tissues in the meat, resulting in exceptional tenderness. 

There are several types of smokers available, and each type offers unique advantages and imparts distinct flavors to the meat:

  • Charcoal
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Pellet
  • Wood-fired

Charcoal and wood-fired smokers are favored by traditionalists for their authentic smoky taste.
Electric and gas smokers offer greater convenience and temperature control. 
Pellet smokers combine the benefits of both, using wood pellets to generate smoke and an electric heating element for precise temperature management. 

No matter which type of smoker you choose, the key to success is maintaining a consistent temperature and selecting the right type of wood or fuel to complement your chosen cut of meat.

Recipes for the Smoker

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