Sunday Pork Roast is an easy to make comfort food that is hearty, filling, and can easily feed the whole family for Sunday dinner. This recipe includes instructions for a classic oven braise as well as cooking in a slow cooker or Instant Pot.

Close up view of pork Roast with rosemary sprig on top

Sunday dinner means a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be the time you gather with friends and family, or the time you are relaxing for just a little longer before starting another work week. In either case, an easy and delicious dinner is the perfect way to enjoy Sunday evening—or any evening! This recipe is simple, affordable and delightfully delicious. 

You will start this dinner by coating the roast in oil and then sprinkling the spices over it. This will cook for 30 minutes in a high heat oven to blast the roast with heat and seal in those perfect flavors. Then, you will reduce the heat and bake for another hour. At that point, you will add the vegetables and apple juice to the roast, which will cook the veggies, add flavor, and keep the roast sweet and juicy. Bake that for another hour to two hours until the pork and vegetables are tender.

Seasoning being sprinkled over a pork roast
Carrots being scattered over a pork roast surrounded by onions and potatoes in a dutch oven pot
Apple juice being poured over a pork roast and vegeatbles
  • Do I roast it covered or uncovered?

    The pork roast has so much fat to render, that we want it uncovered, otherwise it will steam and it won’t get that great roasted flavor.

  • Can I use a pork loin with this recipe?

    Not really. This recipe calls for a cut of pork that requires a longer time in the oven. That is good because it allows enough time for the vegetables to cook through. A loin roast cooks significantly faster, and will not give you enough time to cook your veggies thoroughly enough.

  • Can I use other kinds of potatoes with this recipe?

    Yes. Red and Yukon Gold potatoes go best with this recipe. Russet potatoes are a little too starchy and don’t work as well. We like the baby red potatoes, which are fun too, because they can remain whole. If you can’t find ones that are about the size of a golf ball or smaller, you can cut up larger ones.

  • Why is the temperature so high to start?

    The initial high temperature sears the outside of the roast and keeps the inside juicy.

  • Do you have a gravy recipe that can go with this?

    This recipe doesn’t make a specific gravy, but you can find a guide to making gravy here, which will show you how to make gravy to go with any meal, whether from scratch or from your roast’s drippings.

Pork Roast, carrots, baby red potatoes, and onion in a cast iron dutch oven

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